About Alfa Laval

About Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is a pioneer in plate heat exchangers. Since the 1930s, the company has manufactured the world's first plate heat exchanger for milk sterilization, and has produced plate heat exchangers with various special performances. Alfa Laval has owned the world's most cutting-edge plate heat exchanger technology, and has become the world's highest quality and largest sales supplier of plate heat exchangers.

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Rich experience in industry applications

5 years actuator for solar trackers. More than 300,000 actuators are used in solar trackers. More than 10GW of solar power plants are powered by Tomuu actuators.

Strong supply chain integration

Actuator assembly workshop, household application actuator assembly workshop, die casting workshop, motor assembly workshop, gear assembly workshop.

Quick response

Tomuu has a production capacity of 1500pcs industrial actuators and 5000pcs of home application actuators, through which we can easily adjust the production to meet the needs of our customers.

Deep customization

Tomuu has a professional R&D team to help customers develop actuators that meet their needs.


We Have The Best Solutions for Your Business

HXSEALS Industry Co., Ltd. established in 2010 at Hongkong, engaging in designing and manufacturing all kinds of mechanical seals, pumps agency and sealing materials under the brand "HXSEALS" .We have passed the IS09001 : 2015 quality system certificate and own advanced inspection equipment. Additionally, we strictly insist on the quality principle of "technical innovation, quality products, reliable service, continuous improvements and customer satisfaction" , keeping the way of making professional industrial products.

HXSEALS products are widely used in the fields of food, wastewater, pharmacy and chemical. Modular design is the core of HXSEALS products. Basically, many products have inner connection which could be replaced. Besides of standard products, we could design and manufacture items as well according to your drawings and samples thanks to its professional engineers and technicians.

HXSEALS constantly explores new products and sealing products in order to compass professional industrial products around the world.

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The pump seals are of very good quality and very wear-resistant.


The price is really not high and the quality is not bad.


The product is good, hope to continue the cooperation next time.

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1. High heat transfer coefficient.

2. Strong adaptability.

3. The system has large compressive strength.

4. Compact structure, small body machine.

5. The dirt coefficient is small.

6. Cost-effective.

The larger the heat exchange area of the Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger, the better the effect is certain, but if the surplus is large, the cost must be expensive, so the cost performance is not so high, we usually buy plate heat exchanger to choose the right one.

When using Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers, the water quality must be good, use demineralized water whenever possible, or install a water quality processor. If the water quality is not very good, the plate will cause scaling, it is recommended to wash it with oxalic acid.

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About alfa-laval

Alfa Laval's range of heat exchangers includes detachable plate heat exchangers, semi-welded plate heat exchangers, brazed plate heat exchangers, fusion welded plate heat exchangers and fully welded plate heat exchangers.

About alfa-laval Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat from one fluid (liquid or gas) to another for temperature regulation, energy recovery, or other purposes.

About alfa-laval Pump

The Alfa Laval Pump is a pump used in a variety of liquid handling applications and there are three main types: centrifugal, rotary lobe and twin screw pumps.

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