Fristam Centrifugal Pump | WS-SEALS

Fristam Centrifugal Pump | WS-SEALS

The FPR range of Fristam pumps are of heavy duty construction. The casing, cover and impeller of the FPR are made of 316L stainless steel castings and forgings for greater mass. Other centrifugal pump manufacturers use thinner stamped or pressed steel. Due to its robust construction, the FPR is able to withstand more hydraulic shock and cavitation, which can damage the pump.
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5 years actuator for solar trackers. More than 300,000 actuators are used in solar trackers. More than 10GW of solar power plants are powered by Tomuu actuators.

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Actuator assembly workshop, household application actuator assembly workshop, die casting workshop, motor assembly workshop, gear assembly workshop.

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Tomuu has a production capacity of 1500pcs industrial actuators and 5000pcs of home application actuators, through which we can easily adjust the production to meet the needs of our customers.

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Tomuu has a professional R&D team to help customers develop actuators that meet their needs.

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HXSEALS Industry Co., Ltd. established in 2010 at Hongkong, engaging in designing and manufacturing all kinds of mechanical seals, pumps agency and sealing materials under the brand "HXSEALS" .We have passed the IS09001 : 2015 quality system certificate and own advanced inspection equipment. Additionally, we strictly insist on the quality principle of "technical innovation, quality products, reliable service, continuous improvements and customer satisfaction" , keeping the way of making professional industrial products.

HXSEALS products are widely used in the fields of food, wastewater, pharmacy and chemical. Modular design is the core of HXSEALS products. Basically, many products have inner connection which could be replaced. Besides of standard products, we could design and manufacture items as well according to your drawings and samples thanks to its professional engineers and technicians.

HXSEALS constantly explores new products and sealing products in order to compass professional industrial products around the world.

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How Fristein Pumps Choose Materials?

Fristam PumpFristein pumps are high quality hygienic stainless steel pumps primarily used in the beverage, brewing, biopharmaceutical and food processing industries. There are many models and specifications of Fristan pumps, according to different applications and fluid characteristics, you can choose the appropriate material.

How Fristein Pumps Choose Materials?

What is the principle of Fristam Twin Screw Pump?

Fristam PumpThe Fristam Twin Screw Pump is an externally engaging screw pump that uses two intermeshing, non-contacting screws to pump liquids. The twin-screw pump is a double-suction unsealed twin-screw pump. A drive screw with one end sticking out of the pump is driven by the prime mover. The threads of the driving and driven screws have different directions of rotation (if the former is right-handed, the latter is left-handed). The screws fit tightly with the pump body. The driven screw is driven by the drive screw through a synchronous gear. The twin-screw pump is used as a positive displacement pump, and the suction chamber in the pump should be tightly separated from the discharge chamber

What is the principle of Fristam Twin Screw Pump?

Fristam Pump Features.

Fristam Twin Screw Pump, the FPX series centrifugal pumps have the same high performance pump heads as the FP. FPX is the pump of choice for most routine applications. Excellent value due to the way it fits and uses only a single internal seal. heavy construction. The housing, cover and impeller of the Fristam centrifugal pump are all made of 316L stainless steel

Fristam Pump Features.

Problems that Fristan pump can help you solve

Fristam PumpThey help you transfer, mix and agitate liquids in the beverage, dairy, food and pharmaceutical/biotech industries. Exactly what Fristein pumps can help you solve depends on your specific application needs.

Problems that Fristan pump can help you solve
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The pump seals are of very good quality and very wear-resistant.


The price is really not high and the quality is not bad.


The product is good, hope to continue the cooperation next time.

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Centrifugal pump, self-priming pump, rotor pump, shear emulsification pump, mixing system, positive displacement pump, dry powder mixer.

Different types of pumps have different uses and scope of application. Water pumps can be widely used in chemical, petroleum, mining, shipbuilding, food, pharmaceutical, food, paper and other industries. There are hot water circulating pumps and high-pressure boiler feed water circulating pumps in thermal power plants; Water pumps are required for bottom drainage, hydraulic mining and transportation in the mine.

The pump has different purposes, different liquid media, different flow rates and different lift ranges. Therefore, its structural form and material are different. In summary, it can be divided into:
1. Urban water supply

2.Sewage system

3.Civil engineering , building system

4. Agricultural water conservancy system

5. Power station system

6. Chemical industry system

7. Petroleum industry system

8. Mine metallurgy system

9.Light industry system

10. Ship system

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