Maximize Efficiency and Productivity with High-Quality Pump Components

Maximize Efficiency and Productivity with High-Quality Pump Components

3. If you're looking to upgrade your pumping operations, our state-of-the-art component solutions are the perfect choice. Our components are designed to make your system more efficient, reliable, and easy to use. Plus, with our expert support and maintenance services, you can rest assured that your system will perform at its best.
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Rich experience in industry applications

5 years actuator for solar trackers. More than 300,000 actuators are used in solar trackers. More than 10GW of solar power plants are powered by Tomuu actuators.

Strong supply chain integration

Actuator assembly workshop, household application actuator assembly workshop, die casting workshop, motor assembly workshop, gear assembly workshop.

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Tomuu has a production capacity of 1500pcs industrial actuators and 5000pcs of home application actuators, through which we can easily adjust the production to meet the needs of our customers.

Deep customization

Tomuu has a professional R&D team to help customers develop actuators that meet their needs.

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HXSEALS Industry Co., Ltd. established in 2010 at Hongkong, engaging in designing and manufacturing all kinds of mechanical seals, pumps agency and sealing materials under the brand "HXSEALS" .We have passed the IS09001 : 2015 quality system certificate and own advanced inspection equipment. Additionally, we strictly insist on the quality principle of "technical innovation, quality products, reliable service, continuous improvements and customer satisfaction" , keeping the way of making professional industrial products.

HXSEALS products are widely used in the fields of food, wastewater, pharmacy and chemical. Modular design is the core of HXSEALS products. Basically, many products have inner connection which could be replaced. Besides of standard products, we could design and manufacture items as well according to your drawings and samples thanks to its professional engineers and technicians.

HXSEALS constantly explores new products and sealing products in order to compass professional industrial products around the world.

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What are the parts of the pump component?

Pump component type:

Suction part type: There are three types: straight cone, elbow and spiral. These three types can also derive many structures, such as suction bell mouth for diagonal flow pump, elbow pipe for vertical centrifugal pump (Yuanjiang pump), etc.

impeller type: according to the different directions and principles of liquid flowing out from the impeller, the impeller can be divided into three types: centrifugal, mixed flow (oblique flow) and axial flow; From the structure, it can be divided into single suction, double suction, closed, semi-open, open impeller, etc.

Export part type: According to the structure of the pump, there are: ① spiral water pressure chamber (volute), ② guide vane of multistage pump, ③ guide body of oblique flow pump, etc.

Supporting parts type:① For horizontal pump, there are bracket parts and bearing parts.② For vertical pump, there are bearing support parts, motor support, etc.

Shaft seal parts type: There are packing seals, mechanical seals, etc.

What are the parts of the pump component?

Function of pump assembly

Function of pump component

Function of suction part: the suction part is located in front of the impeller, and its function is to guide the liquid into the impeller smoothly.

Role of impeller: impeller is the most important working element of pump and the heart of flow passage components. Its function is to convert mechanical energy into liquid energy.

The function of the export part: the export part is located at the periphery or rear of the impeller. Its function is to collect and export or import the liquid flowing from the impeller into the next stage impeller, and convert part of the velocity energy of the liquid into pressure energy.

The role of supporting parts: enable the impeller to rotate and work, and bear some axial and radial forces.

The function of shaft seal components: prevent the leakage of high-pressure liquid in the pump or prevent air from entering the pump.

Function of pump assembly

What are the rotor pump components?

Rotor Pump Component is a deformation of internal gear pump, mainly composed of inner rotor, outer rotor, pump casing, pump cover and so on. The inner rotor of the rotor pump is an external gear, and the outer rotor is an inner gear. The inner and outer rotors are not concentric and have a certain eccentricity. Generally, the number of teeth of the inner rotor is 6, 8, 9, 10, etc., while the outer rotor has one more tooth than the inner rotor. The more teeth of the inner rotor, the smaller the oil pulsation.

What are the rotor pump components?

Working principle of pump

The impeller is installed in the pump casing and fastened on the pump shaft. The pump shaft is directly driven by the motor. There is a liquid suction pipe in the center of the pump casing. The liquid enters the pump through the bottom valve and suction pipe, and the liquid outlet on the pump shell is connected with the discharge pipe.

Working principle of pump
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The pump seals are of very good quality and very wear-resistant.


The price is really not high and the quality is not bad.


The product is good, hope to continue the cooperation next time.

Frequently Asked Question

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1. If there is any small failure of the pump, remember not to let it work. If the packing of the pump shaft is worn out and added in time, if the pump continues to be used, the pump will leak.

2. Strong vibration occurs during the use of the water pump, which must be stopped and checked, otherwise it will also cause damage to the water pump.

3. The water pump must pay attention to maintenance after use, for example, when the water pump is used up, the water in the pump should be cleaned, it is best to remove the water pipe and then rinse it with clean water.

4. The tape on the water pump should also be removed, and then rinsed with water and dried in a light place, do not put the tape in a dark and humid place. The tape of the pump must not be stained with oil, let alone apply something sticky to the tape.

1. Check whether all screws and nuts are loose.

2. Change the oil of the gearbox once, and fill the gear oil to the center of the gearbox oil label.

3. Check whether the coupling is clean and free of bruises, and check the concentricity of the coupling.

The basis of pump selection shall be considered from the aspects of process flow, water supply and drainage requirements, and five aspects shall be considered from liquid conveying capacity, equipment lift, liquid property, pipeline layout and operating conditions.

1. The colloid mill flow is one of the important performance data of the pump.

2. The head required by the equipment system is another important performance data of the selected pump, which is usually used to select a margin of 5% to 10% of the pump magnification.

3. Liquid properties, including liquid medium name, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, physical properties and temperature density D, C u viscosity, solid particle diameter and gas medium, etc., are related calculations for the total system.

4. The pipeline layout condition of the device system refers to the liquid conveying liquid at the liquid delivery height, such as the lowest level of the absorption side, such as the highest level of the discharge side length.

5. The contents of operating conditions, such as the operation of saturated steam force P of liquid, pressure PS at suction side, pressure vessel PZ at exhaust side, altitude, ambient temperature gap or continuous operation, and the position of pump is fixed or portable.

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